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The new Writing Portfolio Organizer is easy to use and motivational by design.

It is compatible with all Active Learning textbooks and any available classroom materials. This 32-page booklet contains the following ten management forms which help students to set goals, organize assignments, keep progress records, and create portfolios of written work.

  1. Opinion Survey I evaluates students' work habits at the beginning of the program.

  2. The Work Contract helps students define their goals and expectations.

  3. Students use the Grading Grid whenever they score a practice exercise.

  4. The Academic Credit Statement is used to record active reading and composition grades.

  5. The Reading Materials List allows students to keep track of the materials used for reading and writing activities.

  6. Mastering Mechanics is a form for the teacher to use in prescribing corrective exercises for individual needs.

  7. Reference Notes are used by students to proofread and edit work.

  8. Spelling Success familiarizes students with words they have spelled incorrectly.

  9. Opinion Survey II is used at the end of the program to measure changes in work habits.

  10. The Management Forms Checklist is used by the instructor to determine extra credit for proper record keeping at the end of a contract period.



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